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Social Return on Investment

The Ask

Investment in tourism, sport and recreational assets generate high levels of social impact along with the economic value for money impacts they also realise.  Repucon Consulting are frequently engaged to measure the social return on such capital investment on a range of amenities and facilities to support future investment.

The Approach

Repucon Consulting have created a bespoke social return on investment modelling system incorporating data from years of primary research. This has resulted in an extensive data bank of social return on investment valuations for application across a wide range of scenarios.  In addition to existing data we combine specific project primary research along with user profiling.

The Outcome

A number of recent projects include Social Return on Investment valuations for community and tourism assets such as greenways, tourism projects and regional and community sports facilities.  The ability to combine the social outputs of such amenities in addition to the economic dividends generated for the community ensure more indepth cost benefit analysis to support investment decisions.